Cryoskin 4.0

More features, more fat loss. Introducing the next generation of Cryoskin.



4 static heads are attached to your desired area for highly effective, targeted results. With the 4.0 you can even do two areas at once. Whoever said you can't spot reduce obviously never met Cryoskin.



Cryoskin 4.0 gives you the option to add the electro-drainage function, an electric pulse on your calves that stimulates your circulation and lymphatic system. Accelerated drainage means accelerated results.



The 4.0 is extremely effective at higher temperatures meaning the treatment is even more comfortable for those who may be particularly sensitive to the cold.

After 10 minutes on each leg...all the cellulite in the middle and along the sides of my thighs had vanished!

- Ashley Mateo

Shape Magazine

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